Passion Keeps Getting Delayed

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Should have started out with my play-based ABA center, rather I got a job with an online store. Now, this job leaves me with zero free time, such that I feel I may get stuck and never pursue my passion of supporting children with special needs.

Why did you take the job, you may ask? Money! Simple and short.

I did the calculations. Passion is fantastic but if I have to groan before paying my own bills/taking care of my boys, then I may begin to hate myself for taking this step.

However, staying on this job isn’t doing that much good to my psyche either. I see some therapists making a mess with these kids and my heart bleeds.

Finna take a drastic step soon.

I keep oscillating between running a developmental play-based ABA day center (for kids to come in 3 days a week) and a full-time SEN center.

My limitations are:

– Basic knowledge of Makaton and SSE.

– Near zero experience of working with these kids and fear of recruiting people who only want a job.

– MSc ABA is minimum 18 months, full time. Can’t leave my kids for that long, not in these formative years of their lives.

– Funding. I can make some resources using local items though I am not very creative, but I will still need some standardized play equipment and learning materials.

This post was about me. Wish I had someone to talk to in person, for days, about this.


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