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My default ‘new post’ format is the Quick Post. Lazy much.

So I miss having a personal blog and because I’m older, I’ve started caring less about what (often-irrelevant) people think. Did a quick scan of the naysayers and found they are still at same spot as last time. So, dust off me shoulders.

On to random interesting things:

  • Montessori is not my preferred preschool philosophy for Early Years. I know it’s holistic, etc but it just isn’t MY preference. I get a lot of backlash whenever I make this statement. I’m more of ‘traditional’ classroom teaching, with room for differentiation of course. Interesting debate here
  • Changed my kids’ school because of reasons. They are suddenly more independent, more brilliant, better with word associations, the works. Here is a school whose total fees is a fraction of the previous setting. I am not saying the other school is bad, I’m just saying my kids appear smarter now. Is it the previous school’s training just showing through now or are they getting older and hence more vocal? Time will tell.
  • Got to assess 3 kids during this holiday. I have just one thing to say: Parents, allow. This is a HUGE topic for another post.
  • The holiday has been a good one, coupled with the fact that I’m on a short leave. Family visits,lots of rest, movies, but no money.
  • Enjoyed this Map of Nigeria Puzzle
  • How does my Swift Data (of 34GB) finish so fast! Only 3 movies downloaded and I have less than N2k left. My network is secure, sure of that, so no ‘pilfering’ from neighbors.
  • New fave jam is Lagbaja – Jenke Totally my feel-good track.

Anyhoo, ciao!



One thought on “Idle Chatter

    Cassie Daves said:
    October 15, 2015 at 4:18 am

    Off to check them all out!


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