Month: December 2015

Catch Up

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The year has ended, like play like play.

Before I got married, I was a Daystar person and my fave part of that was being focused and stating clearly what you want in life. We had this life audit/goal setting thingy down pat every quarter. It works for me still, in this new Redeemed life dispensation. More on that on another post.

Shalla to Pastor Adeyemi. He imparts change in peoples’ lives. Nothing overly religious, just plain logic and common sense. That sells with millenials anyday.

Back to today’s post. Stuff has been happening here and there, just to brief you guys.

  • I have a dog, a Samoyed, whom I haven’t even trained. Dude is some 5 months old, such a family dog and a delight to have. I really should get to training him. His name is Sniff but my (hood) neighbors call him Wiski. TF! Lol
  • Finally hopped on the DSTV Explora wagon. Apart from groaning monthly to pay 18 taasaaan, I have to be honest and declare that I love it! Fun catching up on missed episodes and whatnot, especially on insomniac nights.
  • Bumped into a few old friends this TurnUp season and yea, I have changed! My priorities have totally shifted and appaz I’m a bit standoffish. That was never my intention, to be a snob, I promise.
  • Is it a new thing to get hit on by younger dudes? Eiss, y’all can’t see the greys? Park well o, I’m not yua mate 🙂
  • My boys are growing! Daniel is more a talkative than ever, David just loves to drum and play. I worry for David tho, I feel he’s not as book smart as his twin. That one is omo tisha. Before you finish asking question, he has answered. But David takes a while. Twins 🙂 So similar, yet so individual.
  • Working in e-commerce this year was an eye-opener. I love my job, love seeing the numbers rack up. However, I desperately long for a solution to this logistics headache. Guys, business in Nigeria is not for the fainthearted.
  • Speaking of which, this dollar thingy isn’t funny o. I sell Fitbit, books and some bric-a-brac but it’s been tough bringing in more stock. This is FitFam season and I can’t even trade. Comme d fock on! Emefiele and CBM Overlords, how far this fx situation?
  • Got a domain name on gigalayer but no single time to move content there. Or even start fully. Help needed
  • Been learning CSS and HTML (starting from the bottom, innit). I can read and understand any source code now. Oya apply to my own website na, no time. This life! 🙂
  • I want to move to Ikoyi or VI. Or Lekki 1. From my blog to God’s ears.

Random, people watching is my new fave pastime. Y’all Lagos people do the MOST! Lol.

Peace out!