Psychosis? Schizotypal PD?

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Got some distance to eat up, in my Mental Health Education journey.

So far, I have focused only on Special Educational Needs for Children aged 1-12yrs.

However, something happened last week, that further piqued my interest in Adult and Adolescent Mental Health.

On the way to work, there is a guy (who I’ve always thought is schizophrenic). People give him a wide berth because he looks very strong and prone to violence. Looks only, no evidence. Sometimes, he walks around with his fly out for the world to see, talking to himself loudly and gesticulating wildly. Usually, without a t-shirt, only trousers. Tangled hair, dirty skin, the works.

Walks a great length too, just basically traipsing up and down the long road, in his own world.

This day, I parked in an Estate near my office. When I got down from the car after applying slight makeup (not every time, tomboy), I saw him gisting with the gate-man. Next thing, a woman walked down with a little girl and said, ‘Chima how you dey nao?’ He smiled and said ‘I dey fine’, ¬†stretched his hand towards the little girl who shook his hand fearfully. Before I could blink, he picked the girl up, hugged her and said ‘girlie are you okay?’. Poor girl was scared shitless, I was awestruck and basically had my jaw near my chest throughout.

I was running late but my brain was ‘literally’ rifling through DSM V. Came up with a dead end,

I’ve been to CAMH Oshodi twice, to see how I can learn Psychiatry for non-medical folks. People there just keep looking at me somehow.

Not giving up though. To successfully improve the outcomes of children I work with, I HAVE TO improve my Mental Health knowledge.