A Dyslexic Walks Into A Bra

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Dyslexia is a learning difficulty in reading and writing despite normal levels of intelligence. It is a genetic and often neurologic condition, affects more boys than girls and often goes unnoticed. There is no cure for it because it is not a disease.

Dyslexia can be assessed from 3 years as this is the age literacy gets fully established. With early diagnosis and intervention, children with dyslexia can become great at academics.

Dyslexia is a world of moving words for kids affected by it. They often say ‘the letters are acting excited’ or ‘the words are jumping at me’


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Children with Dyslexia show a few of the following signs:

– Messy/Sloppy handwriting

– Very short memory. They cannot remember seeing a word even if they read it on a previous page.

– Fantastic with math calculations but struggle with word problems.

– Complains of visual stress when reading from the board.

– Read and re-read without much comprehension.

– Slow in copying notes.

– Hold pen/pencil differently and very tightly

– Mixes up certain letters such as b and d, p and q, etc

– Tardiness: Last to settle down in class, last to leave after class.


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Children with dyslexia are creative, intuitive, great with hands-on learning and 3D problem solving. They often see the big picture and can easily grasp new concepts.

Teachers and therapists need to adapt learning styles to suit dyslexic tendencies because children with dyslexia learn differently.

Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Orlando Bloom, Tommy Hilfiger, Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo Da Vinci, Richard Branson are a few famous people who coped very well with Dyslexia.

There are other learning difficulties which arise as a result of dyslexia. However, this is not the post for those.

Dyslexics function very well in Software Design, WoodWork, Engineering, Photography, Science/Research, Architecture, etc

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